Install PyCharm Community Edition 2016.2.3 on Ubuntu with IPython/Jupyter Notebook compatibility

PyCharm is another IDE for Python (in my last post I see how to install Spyder)
It has the advantage that you have multiples modes of view. 
My favourite is the presentation Mode, perfect when you have a presentation and you need magnify the fonts and you need to show a on-demand code execution.

Also, you can install jupyter to run ipython notebook inside the IDE. 
To install PyCharm follow these commands:

tar xvf pycharm-community-2016.2.3.tar.gz
cd pycharm-community-2016.2.3/bin

Now, to install ipython and jupyter, follow these commands:

sudo apt-get install ipython-notebook
sudo pip install jupyter

Run PyCharm and now create a new project. Now, create a new Jupyter Notebook with an ".ipynb" extension (IPYthon NoteBook):

In the first cell puts: %matplotlib inline
This sentence enable to display figures on the same interface. 
To exeute push SHIFT+Enter or click on play icon. Now enter the ip and port that you want to use to execute ipython-notebook.

As you can see, you can plot the figures and show them in PyCharm without access to your browser.

If you want access from your browser (to offer an IDE as a Service), you will see a message in your log console like this:

Notebook MatplotlibExample.ipynb is not trusted

To avoid it, you need trust this file. Just follow this command in the .ipynb file folder:

jupyter trust MatplotlibExample.ipynb

Enjoy it!


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