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How to troubleshoot a module import problem in a scapy script

If you try to run a Python script importing some module and you get this following issue:

NameError: name 'IP' is not defined
ImportError: No module named all

check your Python script name. Probably you are using some reserved name from a function.
To fix it, rename your Python script for other name, like (to be sure you are not using a reserved function name).
Don't forget delete any .pyc file that can has any conflict with any function name.

Here's an example about how to fix it:
rm new.pyc

Enjoy it!

How to login in Spotify throught Facebook

A common issue is when you get this following alert:

A facebook error has occurred. Please try again

To fix it, you need to enable an alternative password for thirds applications in your facebook security configuration, like follows:

Browse to, Settings (top right corner) > Security (left hand menu) > App Passwords. There, generate a password for "spotify". Use this password (and your email address to login in facebook) to login to Spotify on your mobile app.

Enjoy it!