Titanium Backup Pro Backup and Recovery issues

If you want to backup your files and data as batch actions, maybe you will see this error:

Backup failed: Insufficient free storage space

This error can appears even if you have free space.
This happens because of permissions to app-created folders being restricted in newer Android versions. To avoid it, you need untick 'Mount namespace separation' setting in SuperSU,  reboot and try your Titanium Backup operation again.

Now, you could backup your files.
If you want copy your backed apps to your pc, a common error is don't view any file inside your /sdcard/TitaniumBackup/ folder in your pc (you can see them in your smartphone).
To avoid it, restart you smartphone after the backup operation. Other options (I have not tested yet, is use adb pull /sdcard/TitaniumBackup/ or copy the files to another folder, like Downloads).

Other commor issue is when you try restore your backed apps. The restoring process freezes.

To fix it, download the last version of SuperSu . After install it, you could restore your apps+data.


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