How to run Helium Desktop on Linux

If you want backup your Android apps, the best application to do it is Helium.
To run it, you need execute an application on your Desktop

tar xzvf carbon-linux.tgz 
cd linux
./ .   

You will see this error:
error: device not found
adb server is out of date. killing... README adb daemon started successfully README adb
error: device not found

Or this:

CLASSPATH=/data/app/com.koushikdutta.backup-1/base.apk app_process /system/bin com.koushikdutta.shellproxy.ShellRunner2  &

hammerhead:/ $ ^[[24;80R

If you see, the bash script has an issue. To solve it, execute the following lines on your terminal:

pkg=$(adb shell pm path com.koushikdutta.backup) 
pkg=$(echo $pkg | cut -d : -f 2 | sed s/\\r//g)
echo $pkg 
adb shell << EOF
CLASSPATH=$pkg app_process /system/bin com.koushikdutta.shellproxy.ShellRunner2 $@ &

You will see this message:

adb server version (31) doesn't match this client (39); killing...
* daemon started successfully


If you backup your apps throught Helium app, you won't be able to copy .json files that Helium need to restore these apps. To solve it, make your backups and restores throught Helium Server (PC Download option).

To extract .ab (Android Backup) files generated by helium, you can use tools from


  1. You're my hero! I've no idea what your code does, but it solves my problem, thank you!


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