How to configure a Matlab cluster in your lan

First, you need to run admincenter to mange your cluster. It route should be there:


Now, you must run mdce on each member node of your cluster

cd /usr/local/MATLAB/R2016a/toolbox/distcomp/bin
sudo ./mdce start                

WARNING: The mdce script detected that the number of processes allowed
is limited by ulimit. Be sure that the limit of processes for the ROOT user
(or the user running the mdce service) is set to either "unlimited"
or at least 128 * W, where W is the maximum number of MATLAB Distributed
Computing Server workers that will run on this machine.

Creating LOGBASE directory (/var/log/mdce).
Creating CHECKPOINTBASE directory (/var/lib/mdce).
Creating SECURITY_DIR directory (/var/lib/mdce/security).
Starting the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server in the background.

To choice who is the jobmanger or workers you need run each command by separate:

sudo ./startjobmanager
sudo ./startworker

Now, press Add or Find to add your cluster nodes

The following step is to check connectivity among them.

It looks like your hosts can't resolve their IP addresses correctly. 
Check if your hosts can ping among them throught the hostname and the fully qualified name ( 
Fix your DNS to avoid this issue.
Enjoy it! 


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