Add Valgrind to CLion

Valgrind is an open-source memory debugger and you can use throught CLion (C IDE).
I found this site where they show step by step how to add valgrim as external application to CLion.

But... some mistakes that you could eventually find:

1.- You must install clang and obiously valgring:

sudo apt-get install clang valgrind

2.- Modify the path to valgrim in Replace /usr/local/bin/valgrim by /usr/bin/valgrim

3.- You can find external tools configuration on: File/Settings.../Tools/External Tools

4.- If you want the real icon to put it on toolbar, follow these commands:

convert logo_valgrind.png -resize 16x16 logo.png

Now you can choose it to your toolbar

If you run your code and you got no errors but suppressed errors, don't be afraid:

You can see suppressed errors in /usr/lib/valgrind/default.supp 
Also, the suppressed errors are just errors that are system specific, known problems with your libraries.  Not from your code.

Enjoy it!


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