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Error in Latex: File ended while scanning use of \url. \bibliography{

If you try load urls in your bibliography with especial characters like ñ or vowels with accents, for example, Jabref automatically translate it to url encode syntax.
The problem is when latex try to read it, doesn't know how interpret this url, for this reason you need to use the package url.
To solve this follow error (or similar) you must call \usepackage{url}

File ended while scanning use of \url. \bibliography{name.bib}
\begin{thebibliography} on input line 2 ended by \end{document}. \end{document}

Matlab crashes after startup on Linux

After Matlab installation on Ubuntu 15.10,  you may have a problem running Matlab at startup:

One option is running without desktop version throught CLI with matlab -nodesktop
The best solution is fix libstc++ because Ubuntu include version 20 of, which is newer than the version shipped with MATLAB.
When MATLAB loads older version first, Ubuntu reaches an incompatibility that causes MATLAB to crash.
To fix it, you need to remove de, or backup it for anything:
cd /usr/local/MATLAB/R2016a/sys/os/glnxa64
sudo mv

Now, retry to load matlab with desktop interface:

Hello World for Contiki on XM1000

In my last post, I explain how to run a Hello World for Contiki on IRIS-XM2110 Mote.
Now, I explain how to do on a MTM-XM1000.

First, as in the previous case, we need check that xm1000 is within the targets.
For include it in contiki, we need download it from the developer site and include in contiki folder.
unrar x 1429538511_contiki-xm1000-v2015-04-15.rar
cd contiki-xm1000-v2015-04-15/contiki/

Now copy the content of tools/ and platform/ in your Contiki directory
If we compile the file hello-world.c, remember that now you must do it with TARGET=xm1000 make TARGET=xm1000 savetarget make hello-world sudo make hello-world.upload

This is a typically error:
../../core/dev/sht11.c: In function ‘sht11_init’:
../../core/dev/sht11.c:218:4: warning: #warning SHT11: DISABLING I2C BUS [-Wcpp]
../../core/dev/sht11.c:221:5: error: ‘SHT11_PxREN’ undeclared (first use in this function)